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Preppers Australia is the place to visit if you are preparing for a natural disaster, food storage, an emergency or survival situations. We are completely Australian owned and operated and provide quality products that you can depend on in life and death situations. If you want to be prepared for any emergency, then be sure to shop with us to find exactly what you need.

Most survival situations only last for a few days. If you can keep yourself alive during that period, you are likely to be rescued, according to statistics. One of the keys to surviving in harsh environments or in a bad situation is to ensure that you have enough water and food for the duration of the experience. We have what you need to stay safe and stay comfortable, including first aid kits, signalling equipment, navigation items and more. You’ll have the right tools at your disposal for every emergency event. You can prepare for emergencies but never predict them, and you need to have the equipment on hand that’s necessary to protect yourself.

One of the best insurance policies you could ever get is to have an emergency kit stored in your home or vehicle. We can help you find exactly what you need for any emergency event and ensure that it works with your budget. Most Governments around the world recommend all citizens should be prepared with a three-day survival bag. We make sure our customers have a lot of choices to pick from. You can count on Preppers Australia to have the supplies needed for any survival situation.

We have a great selection of tactical and outdoor clothing and equipment, including camping, bushcraft, and combat supplies. Our range of products has grown steadily, and, we have maintained affordable prices and high-quality products. We believe value is one of the benchmarks of our service, and we seek to provide customers with incredible value every time they shop with us.

We also ensure that our customers receive the very best in customer service, which extends to speedy delivery and a well-stocked online store. Our team will work with you from the moment you visit our online store, ensuring that you get what you want, answering all your questions and providing customers service that goes beyond what you’ll get anywhere else. Our top priority is providing the very best in customer care.

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